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Praticbaby baby food chair is specially designed and produced to enable your baby sit at the same dining table with you and make him / her happier. Praticbaby is strong, hygienic, safe to use, enduring, easy to clean.
Pratic use: easily assembled to every resistant table. It can be carried everywhere, as it has a folding structure, ready to serve you even at your holidays. (Caanot be assembled to glass tables)
Safe use: with its special design, it gets locked to the table when the baby sits in it.
- Safe lock system It gets locked at the table assemled  with 6 months - 3 year old baby weight, can resist up to 50kgs
- Portable
- Can be used at home and on journey
- Can be washed, comfortable, fashionable and stylish
  Praticbaby baby food chair is specially designed and can be used with all resistant tables just by assembling to hte dining table cannot be asebmbled to glass tables)  Design is produced from metal and plastic and viewed as a single piece. Metal rods have been placed to the sitting part and to the holes at back sides. These rods enable the safety of the baby by being lengthened to forward at both down and up and make Praticbaby possible to be assembled to tables. It also has stripes at front of sitting part and both sides for safety purposes. 

  Main speciality of the design is having a general aesthetic view.

  With TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) Quality Certificate, it is the first and only reliable baby food chair in Turkey

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